The Veil

Wow!!! LOVED THIS!!! I loved everything about this book!! The plot was AMAZING! The character development was ON POINT!!

The many, many twists throughout the story had me holding onto the chair for support! A brilliant introduction to the series and I cannot wait for the next book 


Just Business

Sexy, intense, intriguing and more. This book is captivating in so many ways and leaves you on the edge of your seat. A real page turner you don't want to put down. The dynamic between Ian and Jenna is so relatable, but also so complex at the same time. Leaving you to feel as though you could be Jenna, but also wish that you were.

Have read a few times and will definitely read again.

Hollywood Comes Home

This book is amazing, as are all of her books. Definitely worth the read and repeat. Chance is just an amazing character with whit, charm, and amazing friendship. Don't walk, RUN to get all of V.B. Emanuele's work, can't wait for the next one.

Emily J.

Hana Blue C.




V.B. Emanuele is an award-winning author/editor who began writing professionally for a serial, visual story app, under the username VioletBlue. She quickly found herself wanting to expand her art, and wrote her first online novel, The Veil, in 2019. After the rapid success of the book, she released several more online novels before deciding she wanted to publish them. Just Business was the first book to launch the Club Euphoria Novels and Violet's publishing debut.

She has lived in both Europe and the United States and obtained a Fine Arts degree and English Literature degree. When she is not writing or reading, she can be found active outdoors, participating in fitness challenges and events, cooking, or traveling.



"The greatest peace I ever discovered, was stepping away from the expectation of others and creating my own future." - V.B. Emanuele



September 21, 2021


One night in paradise can change it all.

Gavino D'Angelo is a bad boy with a bad attitude who is forced into a life he did not ask for when his father demands he join the family business. Gavino does not do well with rules, traditions, or protocol and is determined to challenge his father's every move.

Setting out on a mission to disturb peace within the family, he finds himself in the presence of Sofia Barone, the stunning daughter of his father's biggest rival. They play a dangerous game, ending in a way they could have never imagined.

Forbidden love always comes with a price. How far is Gavino willing to go for the one woman he shouldn't want?

⚠️ This book contains graphic, mature themes. 🔞

📢 Coming 2021 only to Vella! This has been a side project I've been working on for a while, unsure what direction I was going to go with the publishing. After so much back and forth, I'm happy to announce it's coming to Kindle Vella this year!

👋🏼 Formerly, The Other Me. When I used to write on Wattpad, I had a few chapters of the story on there. When I left Wattpad to start publishing novels I took this down.

August 16, 2021


I have a new way to connect to you guys. I have a Facebook group where we can interact, and I will help you out with your promo. I'll be giving away a lot of prizes to my group members and hosting release parties for you. It's FREE! Join HERE.

September 21, 2021


Some of you have contacted me about Dallas-Fort Worth Writer’s Conference (DFW Con).

I was asked to attend DFW Con this year as a romance panelist and to teach a class on writing serials.

Due to Covid, they have moved the conference to virtual this year. Sadly, because it is now online, I had to bow out as it is not feasible for me to attend virtually. I know DFW Con made the decision they felt was best for everyone and I know it was difficult.

Several of you attending were flying or driving just because I was going to be there. I cannot thank you enough! I am very sorry. I tried to at least let the you guys know privately as soon as I found out. If I missed you, I apologize.

I would love to be a part of the conference in 2022 and hope I am asked to attend again. You can view the official announcement on dfwcon.org.


V.B. Emanuele

July 23, 2021


Italian Billionaire Series book 1 (which is actually a huge Prologue) is in the launching process. FINALLY! The release date is August 29th and I will be announcing Preoder info soon!

August 29, 2021


Italian Billionaire Series book 1 (which is actually a huge Prologue) is FINALLY out! Get your copy today!

July 14, 2021


Italian Billionaire Series book 1 is in the launching process. FINALLY! Those of you who follow my social media and subscribe to my newsletter have seen my muse for Giovanni Rovati, Cedric Lavigne, so graciously agreed to be my cover model for the series as well. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity, and he has been amazing through this process. Please follow him on IG, @cedriclavigne and show him all the support because he truly deserves it. I will be doing a Q&A on July 19th so click here to submit your question.