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Just Business


Jenna Prescott just got accepted to one of the top universities but suddenly finds herself unable to afford tuition.  An unexpected death in her family leaves her entitled brother to millions and leaves her with nothing.  Desperate to make ends meet, she decided to become an exotic dancer but only for the money she's heard they make.  Little does she know, she's caught the eye of a mysterious stranger Ian Knight, who makes her an offer she cannot refuse.  

With a spiraling journey of lust and drama, will they be able to separate business from personal? 



Isabelle Ayala just lost her job and is desperate to make ends meet. Valentino Greco is a wealthy man who trusts no one and one night with him will change both of their lives.  Isabelle's best friend invites her to attend an annual masquerade ball but fails to tell her about the dark secret surrounding the ball.  Juggling two identities, contracts, secrets, lies, and passion will drive anyone crazy.  

The Veil is jam-packed with constant twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat.


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