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Amelia's biggest fantasy has always been to be kidnapped by a mysterious man and used for his own pleasure. Her heart races at the thought of being at the mercy of a powerful stranger, fulfilling her forbidden desires while under his complete control. She never imagined that fantasy would become reality when a stranger overhears her talking to her best friend.

He devises a plan to lure her into his dark world, but an enigmatic Mastermind lurks behind the scenes, carefully orchestrating every game they play. It isn't long before the Mastermind must have a taste of Amelia too, and the three of them take their games to a unexplored, darker level.

After a slip up confirms her two kidnappers are actually her father’s two closest friends, she hatches a plan and initiates a risky game with them at the lifestyle club they own. As secrets begin to unravel, a battle of wits and seduction breaks out between them. While they push her to her limits mentally and physically, she is also taking control and claiming the two men for herself.

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(not suitable for anyone under 18)

Tropes: Dad's Best Friend Forbidden Age Gap Kidnapping • Billionaire Fisting Anal  Squirting Spitting Rough Kink Wax Play...more coming soon

Trigger Warnings: Before I give the specifics, I want to say there are NO negative issues with the 2 main characters. Any and all bad things are from pasts or the antagonist.


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Available in eBook & Paperback on Amazon. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

Hardcover coming soon.

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