What happens when the fiancée of a billionaire disappears without a trace during an annual masquerade?

Isabelle Ayala comes face to face with the one person who scares her the most. It’s a fight for her life as she finds herself in the presence of two men from her past. Ready for payback, they have a sinister strategy to break her. Unknown to them, Isabelle has become stronger, and is ready for anything.

Valentino Greco will stop at nothing to ensure Isabelle is returned safely, and will destroy anything or person in his path. The usually private billionaire offers a significant amount of money for the return of his beloved fiancée, which sets the public into a frenzy.

While Joseph and Noah assemble a team to divide and conquer, Valentino slips away. He takes matters into his own hands after receiving an anonymous tip from an old acquaintance.

The Veiling is the final book in The Veil Trilogy.

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Dark Romance

The Veil Trilogy #3 

Billionaire / Masquerade / Mafia

Release Date: February 14, 2023

Contains graphic sex and violence. Not suitable for ages under 18.

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