Been a while!

I hope all of you are staying safe amidst the Covid-19 rising cases once again! I just wanted to check in and give you guys a rundown of what is happening with me:

I am getting The Veil ready for publishing. The Covid-19, unfortunately, MIGHT delay my original publishing date but that's okay. We need to worry about safety first and I never announced the official date yet for this reason. I will keep everyone posted though. Maybe we will get lucky and I will not have to postpone.

In [I hope] the early part of 2021, I have a new book coming out that is a stand-alone called, Breaking Protocol. I am VERY excited to publish this book. It has been a huge project as I have had to jump through many hoops and tear down walls and red tape to get this done.

For now, I work many hours, editing The Veil. It is a full-time job 😁. Back to work...more news will be coming soon!

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