Why Did I Publish?

What brought me to the point that I decided to publish a book?

I had always taken interest in writing. Even when I was a young child, I wrote plays and made family members act them out, while charging other family members to watch them perform. I stood on the side of my "stage" directing them. This followed me all the way up through college. Between English Literature and Theater, I was happy. I loved these classes and always excelled in them. Fun Fact: I actually know the entire Romeo & Juliet and Hamlet plays word for word, from memory. 🤓

As a lot of you know, I started out writing [professionally] on a visual story app. I started out as a free writer, doing it for fun while meeting other writers like myself. I unlocked payment with my stories The Italian Billionaire and Venomous Love. I later wrote Descendants and My Darkest Desire.

I craved more. I have always hated being held back from my full potential. After some changes within their company, I was unhappy with my own work and limitations. (I do not blame them, it is their app to do what they want with). I always wanted to write a novel. It was my dream. I wasn't trapped in the app, but I didn't want to let my readers down. I was also concerned with the friendships I made. I wondered if those people would cut me out of their life when I no longer had anything to do with that "community". I decided to try to juggle both the app and writing my first novel for a while.

“The greatest peace I ever discovered was stepping away from the expectations of others, and creating my own future.” -V.B. Emanuele

That came to me one night while I was working on my novel, and I decided that I would have to take the risk. I felt my readers who truly supported me would support me off the app too, and the friends I met on the app would stick by me, or they would fade away to a part of my past. I just wanted peace and happiness for myself. Being 40 years old, I felt it was important to me to do what I wanted to do. I spent so much of my life trying to please everyone around me, that I forgot to put myself first for so many years.

I took the leap of faith and made my announcement. 🍾

Did I lose readers? I did. I lost about 4,000 followers over the course of several months, but I gained some great support from new readers. I finally realized that it was not my fault. Some people do not like change. I also realized some of the followers I lost were just supporting the people on the app, which was okay with me. It was never about the numbers to me anyway.

I actually had nothing but well wishes and support from most of the friends I made. Almost all of them reached out to me in comments or messages at some point. If you were one of those people, and you are reading this, I appreciate you!

I did it for me.

For me, it was never just about throwing words in between pages and calling it a book. I wanted to write a story that I would want to read if it were written by someone else.” -V.B. Emanuele

I got approached by a few publishers and I didn't like their offers. I actually closed down my own businesses to write full time, and I was not about to accept an offer that would have hurt me and controlled my career beyond what I was comfortable allowing. After much research and consideration, I chose to self-publish. I am currently open to offers, yes, but I didn't get one I felt would help my career or peace of mind.

It was expensive! 😐

I have seen people post things about publishing their book for $80.00 and that is not my experience 😂. It was NOT near that. I wish it had been. After copyrights, staff, legals, etc, it was not cheap, but it was worth it. I just wanted to make sure I left no stone unturned and I did it right.

So that's that! I am now working on editing my second novel, The Veil. I wrote that one before Just Business, but I am working on my second draft now. I hope this blog helps those who have asked, understand a bit more.


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