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To order signed copies or swag, please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours (closed on weekends). This is our temporary method while the store is being set up. Swag packs come FREE with every book purchase. Please indicate if you want to send a book you already purchased. A free swag pack will be included with your book when it returns to you.

Only want a swag pack? They're $15 each (no shipping charge).


A bookmark, pen, stickers, and a themed gift based on the book you choose.

Pack 1: The Veil Trilogy- Masquerade Mask

Pack 2: The Italian Billionaire Series- A black and authentic gold playing card

Pack 3: Did My Heart Love Till Now- Not available in swag packs right now. You will still receive a bookmark, pen, and stickers with your book purchase.

We will ship internationally as long as you have a US shipping address (such as a company like This is one a lot of V.B. Emanuele's international readers use so we know they're reliable.

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE: Just Business, Hollywood Comes Home

All payments are processed through PayPal. Please do not send money until we contact you with a total.

All sales are final. NO REFUNDS.

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