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Madison Astor has had a crush on her best friend’s father, James, for years. She often refers to him playfully as, “DILF” behind his back. For months, James has been confiding in Madison about his separation from his toxic wife and they’ve developed their own friendship through text and his frequent visits to Abruzzo’s Jazz Club where she works.

Before the news is broken to the family, he agrees to go on a family vacation one last time before the end of summer. While away, James receives an accidental text from Madison that was meant to go to her best friend, Elizabeth. After thinking she successfully covered her tracks, a private conversation when he returns home fuels dark desires between them when she finds out he never deleted the messages.

Their friendship escalates to a dirty little secret when James shows Madison who he really is and invites her into a hidden room that will change both of their lives forever.

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Tryst Duology #2

(not suitable for anyone under 18)

Tropes: Best Friend's Dad • Age Gap 21/45 • Touch Her and Die • Secret Relationship • BDSM • Daddy Kink • D/s • Breeding Kink • Pregnancy • Edging • Anal • Knife Play • Fisting • Squirting • Toy Play • Remote Control Toy Play • Praise • Discussion of Watersports • Aftercare • Marking/Branding

While this book CAN be read as a standalone, it's definitely more enjoyable if you read Tryst first.

Trigger Warnings: Before I give the specifics, I want to say there are NO negative issues with the 2 main characters. Any and all bad things are from pasts or the antagonist.


Sex & Violence (as always), Physical Assault (mention of ex wife's abusive behavior and brief mention of MMC's sister's abusive ex who died), Death of parent (not detailed). Some of the tropes above can be triggers for some.

Available in eBook & Paperback on Amazon. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

Hardcover coming soon.

More buy links coming soon.


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