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Having a stable relationship when you’re the most sought-after actor is hard. Boston native, Chance Hardwin, is an A-list actor who once fell in love with an exotic dancer, Amber Wilson. After breaking up due to his filming schedule, he relocated to Los Angeles to hide his sadness from his friends.

Chance quickly finds himself falling into some trouble. He’s plummeting on a downward spiral of partying with celebrity friends, public intoxication, and drunken interviews. After hearing that Amber might have moved on with another man, he’s swallowed whole by torment and jealousy.

With the help of his friend, Ian Knight, he returns home to take back what was once his. Unbeknownst to anyone, Chance’s return to Boston has caused a lot of problems for someone who’s been wanting revenge for a long time. Will Chance get the ending he wants, or will it be too late?

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Club Euphoria Novels #2

(not suitable for anyone under 18)

Tropes: Actor/Stripper Second Chance Romance Millionaire Touch Her & Die Strip Club Irish Mafia 

Trigger Warnings: Before I give the specifics, I want to say there are NO negative issues with the 2 main characters. Any and all bad things are from pasts or the antagonist.


Graphic Sex (throughout), Graphic Violence (throughout including some torture), Physical Abuse (Mentioned in memory), Pregnancy Loss (mentioned briefly along with abuse by an ex), Sexual Assault (Mentioned: A man in the club grabs a dancer.), Depression (Moderate: after a breakup).

Available in eBook & Paperback on Amazon. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

Hardcover & Discreet Paperback coming soon.

More buy links coming soon.


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