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While Jenna Prescott is attending one of the world's top universities, she finds herself unable to afford tuition after an unexpected death in her family leaves her with nothing while her older brother, Tyler, inherits millions. Desperate to make ends meet, she becomes an exotic dancer for money she's heard they earn.

Jenna is soon caught in a whirlwind romance with Ian Knight, Club Euphoria's owner and local crime boss. He's had his eye on her since the first time he bumped into her in the club lobby and will murder anyone who touches her. His need to protect her, mixed with his infatuation soon blindsides him and he finds himself going to whatever length to keep her ex from getting his own revenge.

Will Jenna’s dangerous dance turn into a fatal mistake? Things aren’t always what they seem at Club Euphoria.

More Info

Club Euphoria Novels #1

(not suitable for anyone under 18)

Tropes: Boss/Employee Stripper Touch Her & Die Secret Billionaire Irish Mafia Found Family Pregnancy

Trigger Warnings: Before I give the specifics, I want to say there are NO negative issues with the 2 main characters. Any and all bad things are from pasts or the antagonist.


Graphic Sex (throughout), Graphic Violence (throughout), Death, Physical Abuse (Moderate: described more than 3x), Cheating (mention of exes), Attempted Rape (no rape occurs), Assault (Moderate: described), Suicidal Thoughts (briefly mention of past thought), Kidnapping (Mild/Moderate:  Described)

Available in eBook & Paperback on Amazon. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

Also available in Discreet Paperback and Special Edition Hardcover exclusively through B&N.

More buy links coming soon.


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