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Luke O'Brien and Jade Sinclair are privy to everything, or so they thought. As operators of the gentlemen's club, Club Euphoria, they struggle to maintain their power couple status and navigate their private lives as something sinister threatens to break their little family apart.

As Luke takes charge of the club's expansion, Luxe, an exclusive sex club, Jade stays behind to help Ian, the club owner, discovering that he has been hiding something. With the help of Tyler, Ian's brother-in-law, Jade sets out to find what Ian has been keeping in the dark.

As the day-to-day operations of the club unfold, Jade balances the chaos while maintaining normalcy at home with her daughter. Everything seems to settle until Luke's return from Los Angeles brings an enigmatic dancer into the mix; unraveling a series of strange events that heighten tensions within the prestigious club. In this thrilling installment where passion, power, and danger collide, no one is safe as secrets threaten to expose them all.


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Dark Romance


Club Euphoria Novels #3

Release Date: March 17, 2024

(not suitable for anyone under 18)

Tropes: Work Romance / Boss/Employee / Irish Mafia / Found Family / Single Mom / Daddy Kink / Breeding Kink / BDSM / Voyeur/Exhibitionist / Praise / Toy play

Trigger Warnings: Before I give the specifics, I want to say there are NO negative issues with the 2 main characters. Any and all bad things are from pasts or the antagonist.


Sex (graphic throughout). Violence: throughout including some Mafia related detailed torture. Murder of Mother: Mention of another book in the Syndicate Underworld Universe where a woman villain was murdered after giving birth. (The child was unharmed) See: War Within.  Discussion of rape: Only discussed but there was consent.  Physical Assault (discussed only).  Kidnapping: Child is NOT harmed in any way (used as leverage).

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